UNIT 306

Of The NVQ 2356-99

Install Electrical Wiring Systems, Wiring Enclosures and Equipment

On this page we walk you through everything you need to know to get started – and complete – Unit 306 of your NVQ 2356-99.

What are the ‘Performance Objectives’?

The performance objectives are the criteria of the Electrical NVQ 3 which you are being assessed against. In order to successfully achieve this NVQ, you must meet the performance objective of EVERY unit.

How do I meet the performance objective of every unit of this NVQ?

You will simply describe HOW you carried out your duties, WHAT you did and how they related to EACH performance objective. You need to be specific and relate the duties you carried out to the performance objective. You will also need to support this with appropriate photo/video evidence to support your Site Diary/Logbook.

What is Unit 306 wanting me to demonstrate?

This unit – Install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment – is about you following the correct procedures for the installation of wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment as specified.

You must demonstrate that you have an understanding of the installation of wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment, the methods for identifying and isolating electrical supply, the positioning and fixing of components correctly and the areas which have the potential to be hazardous.

See an overview of this units performance objectives and examples of evidence below.

You personally need to be in as many photos / videos as possible.


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