NVQ 2356-99 – UNIT 301

Ensure Safe Site Working

On this page we walk you through everything you need to know to get started – and complete – Unit 301 of your NVQ 2356-99.

What are the ‘Performance Objectives’?

The performance objectives are the criteria of the Electrical NVQ 3 which you are being assessed against. In order to successfully achieve this NVQ, you must meet the performance objective of EVERY unit.

How do I meet the performance objective of every unit of this NVQ?

You will simply describe HOW you carried out your duties, WHAT you did and how they related to EACH performance objective. You need to be specific and relate the duties you carried out to the performance objective. You will also need to support this with appropriate photo / video evidence to support your Site Diary / Logbook.

What is Unit 301 wanting me to demonstrate?

This unit – Ensure Safe Site Working – is about you working safely whilst carrying out your electrical installation or maintenance duties. You must demonstrate that you have carried out a risk assessment BEFORE you started work, reviewed your working area DURING your working day, and tidied up upon completion of the job you were carrying out. You need to demonstrate that you have used access equipment safely and are dressed in the appropriate PPE.

See an overview of this units performance objectives and examples of evidence below. 

You personally need to be in as many photos / videos as possible.

Logbook / Site Diary: One of Three

Insert Site address and brief description of the job you were carrying out.

For example, 120 Any Street, Anytown, Any Postcode. Installation of conduit and trunking for lighting. Start and finish date (date you started and finished particular task)

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 1:

You carry out an assessment of risks on the site to comply with health and safety regulations and other relevant legislation.

(You need to describe how you each performance objective, in this case how you carried out a risk assessment, see example below)

“To ensure I carried out the job safely, I wore my hard hat, hi-vis vest and safety shoes and I carried out a risk assessment so that any hazards were identified and that they were covered by satisfactory precautions. I then recorded my findings on a risk assessment the results of the assessment were recorded and passed on to my supervisor to be filed for future reference.

“The job involved setting up step ladders indoors and I checked that the step ladders were in good condition and that the working surface area was cleared of debris. I ensured that I had to hand additional PPE that would be required for drilling. One of the risks I identified was falling from a height and another was risk of electrical shock from existing circuits which needed to be safely isolated.”

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 2:

You plan a safe system of work and agree it with the relevant person(s).

“A method statement was completed with my supervisor before carrying out any work. This document outlined the task to be completed, the hazards involved and a step by step guide on how to do the job safely. The method statement also highlighted the appropriate PPE to wear.

“I worked a safe system of work throughout the working day checking the site regularly for any changes or potential hazards. One such hazard was that some debris had been left by other trades in my working area and this I reported to supervisor who in turn had the trip hazards removed. I wore all the relevant PPE throughout the working day.”

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 3:

You use suitable warning notices and barriers to prevent unauthorised entry to the work site as identified by your assessment of risks.

“A security guard is present at the entrance throughout the day to prevent unauthorised entry to this site. At the main entrance the appropriate signs were put on the fence indicating that it is a building site and entrance will not be permitted to those not wearing safety shoes, hard hat, hi-vis vest/jacket and are not in possession of a valid CSCS card. Additionally, the site has a non climbable metallic fence around the perimeter and warning notices are were strategically placed warning of the dangers within.

“Whilst carrying out this installation, it involved me having to place a barrier around the area in which I was working to warn others of the activities I was carrying out.”

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 4:

You monitor regularly that the working conditions remain safe for work to continue.

“I worked a safe system of work throughout the working day checking the site regularly for any changes or potential hazards. One hazard I identified and removed was a 110v lead was trailing across my area, so I removed the trip hazard.”

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 5:

You minimise the risks associated with using tools, plant and access equipment by following health and safety requirements and suppliers’ instructions.

“Before I used any power tools I did a visual inspection of them and checked that they were all in good working condition and that the PAT Testing certificates were valid. I also used and followed the manufacturer’s instructions as required along with the relevant PPE, for example goggles and mask whilst drilling.

“The access equipment I decided to use were podium steps, these was checked for suitability and for any defects using the manufacturer’s instructions, which had been provided. I ensured that all the feet rested firmly and squarely on the ground and were locked before attempting to work on the podium. I followed the manufacturer’s guidelines by working safely on the podium and ensured that this was erected according to manufacturer’s instructions (see evidence attached).”

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 6:

You check that all tools, plant and access equipment available on site are stored safely and securely during work activities and are moved on completion.

“When I was working I made sure that all times that all my tools and materials, including electrical equipment and plant, were near to and not causing an obstruction to other contractors working beside me. Any plant and materials that I was not using were stored safely in the lockup.”

Unit 301 Performance Objective No 7:

You check that the work site is cleared after the work ends and left in a safe and satisfactory condition in accordance with health and safety regulations and good housekeeping practice.

“When I had finished / completed the job or at the end of my working day I returned all tools and unused materials back to the stores which were locked at night for security reasons. I did a visual inspection of the work area and I left the site in a safe and clean condition.”

Key Criticals

Remember Key Criticals need to be covered OVER the three occasions and NOT in each logbook.

Two different access systems

You will simply need to describe the photo evidence that you have that cover the key criticals. On this occasion you would describe the safety instructions for the podium steps and how you used them and photos of you on one of the access systems that you need to cover within this site diary.

Two different relevant people

Again, describe the photo evidence that you have uploaded and explain its relevance to the unit. In this case the supervisor is a relevant person as you would have agreed a safe system of work with your supervisor as described in your performance objectives above.

Remember, this is how they were relevant to your carrying out the performance objectives for this unit/task. For example, “other contractors” would also be relevant as they would have an impact on your safety on site and vice versa.

Two safe systems of work

PPE You will simply need to describe the photo evidence that you have that cover the key criticals. On this occasion you would describe the PPE you wore for the tasks you were carrying out such as drilling etc, this would have been highlighted in your risk assessment.

You will also state what PPE was mandatory for this specific site and provide photographic evidence of you complying with the site rules by wearing the appropriate PPE.

Working conditions

This was an installation that took place inside. This means that you would have to make sure that ONE of your three occasions for this unit took place outside and that you had appropriate and relevant evidence of you meeting the performance objectives.

Additional Evidence

Witness Testimony

Your witness testimony should be from an occupationally competent person such as your chargehand or supervisor. They should be familiar with the national occupational standards to which you are being assessed against and will be contacted by your assessor to validate the testimony provided.

You should not rely on witness testimonies as your main source of evidence. These are provided to support your photo/video evidence and your written account within your logbook. Your main source of evidence will be your photos / videos, so make sure you collect relevant evidence that are appropriate and clearly show you undertaking the tasks that you have described.

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